Sports Dentistry

For years, both professionally customized, as well as, at home fabricated mouthguards have been protecting our athletes from injuries such as, tooth, root or jaw fractures, even concussions and more. Proper fitting mouthguards serve as a shock absorber, stabilizer and barrier protectant for the teeth, tissues and cranium to prevent these sports injuries. A properly fitted mouthguard offers concussion protection at three different opportunities: when a blow to the mandible is transmitted to the skull/brain via the condyles, through mouthguard material separating the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, and/or when the head of the condyle rotates downward and forward. In today’s day and age with sports growing more and more competitive, investing in a proper fitted mouthguard is a basic essential.

Custom mouthguards by Dr. Raju are made in our in-house lab through the use of the most recent technologies of Great Lakes Bio-Star, and Triad by Dentsply Enabling Technology. Our premium fit mouth guards, being rated among the most comfortable overall, offer easier breathing and enhanced speech clarity, in addition to professional grade fittings. Custom mouthguards are highly recommended for patients with braces or other dental structural concerns to ensure proper safety. Trendy specifications, such as Harley Davidson themes, sports logos, specific color combinations, etc., are an added feature offered.

Ask Dr. Raju about whether a customized mouthguard is the right choice for you.

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